hard to find electronic parts

Every buyer is familiar with the problems of a supply shortage brought on by unforeseen increased production when a sudden demand for certain components cannot be met. We are here to provide you with solutions particularly in the short run, when your already existing conventional providers cannot help.

Whether you are an OEM or a CEM, you are a potential customer of unimate, we make it our business to ensure that you receive your components in time and on time and make it our priority that all terms are consistent with your demands.

Contact us before shortages of supplies cause a freeze on production in your company, which could lead, in some cases, to claims for indemnity. Tell us what you need by phone, fax, e-Mail or our website. Your requirement will be dealt with immediately by thousands of reliable stockholders and vendors worldwide.

The search process is free of charge. Once we have tracked down your required components whereabouts - in usually no longer than 24 hours - you will be instantly informed about its delivery time and costs. We will do our best to provide you with the missing components on time.


your excess inventory

unimate electronics does not only help you by sourcing hard to find electronic parts but also by marketing your entire excess inventory. We are known throughout the electronic industry as a successful and trusted marketer of OEM excess inventory. We can assist by:

  • Purchasing of the entire stock;
  • Worldwide marketing of single items or complete excess stock at no cost;
  • Consignment in our warehouse (no stocking fees);
  • Services to assist you in getting rid of needless stock.

added value services

Our large database allows us to identify almost any electronic component, locate its datasheet and even suggest the best suitable replacement and alternative - and it is all free of charge. Upon request, we can test the parts according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Therefore, even if the required components are no longer produced - either End of Life or obsolete, we still can provide our customers with a solution.